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Bootleggers chapka cap


This chapka cap (chapgapette) is perfect for cold weather conditions (or a fresh bikepacking night)
It's compatible with any bike helmets.
Fleece lining on the ear panels and on the vizor. Cord and tanka.
Very limited series. High quality fabrics and assembling.
Available in different sizes (KID, S, M, L & XL)
Check this page for sizing :
Made in France by Vera.
39.00€ TTC

LOCAL PICK UP IN LILLE : use this code : CARGO
If you're registered in the 2020/2021 Bootleggers Ultracx Race, a reduction code will be sent to you by mail for a 10% discount.

  • KID SIZE 100%
  • S SIZE 100%
  • M SIZE 88%
  • L SIZE Sold Out
  • XL SIZE 100%